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By Deer Tribe / In June 13, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series where you will learn the many faces of the tyrants. You will learn about the other tyrants of life like time, situations, space and the environment. You will also learn about the people called “Two-Legged Tyrants” and what their focus is for tyranting you. You will clearly see how you opened the door and let the tyrant in. Best of all, this series teaches you how to stop any tyrant from stealing your life force energy and how to count coup and gain the true teaching for both you and the tyrant.

In the next section we will proceed to examine each tyrant in detail. When we examine what will stop the tyrant and what will prevent us from being affected by them, you will want to keep this trigger wheel in mind and refer to this section repeatedly.

Drawing on the character analysis of the tyrants and the trigger wheel taught in a previous blog, we will look at four factors that are involved in counting coup on these tyrants.

We are going to look at the infinity movement on the Star Maidens Circle for each tyrant. If you are unfamiliar with this teaching please refer to Course of Study, Series A, Module #2.

Within this movement we are going to extract and concentrate on four places. You can gain the understanding and communication of the tyrant by stopping the tyranting behavior at the 5 place. However to bring a total and full understanding of the tyrant, we also must consider the 1, 3 and 6 places.

Looking at the number one (1) place on the infinity movement will give you the focus of the tyrant. It will show you how you opened the window or door to the tyrant.

We will look at the number three (3) place because this will give us the sitting place of the tyrant and their perceptual viewing point. It will give us a look inside the head of the tyrant and at how they view life. Very valuable knowledge.

Next, we will look at the number five (5) place on the infinity movement which shows what must be communicated to the tyrant in order to close the window or door. The act of closing the door is the communication.

The number six (6) place on the infinity movement will show you “the teaching” to be gained.

If you open a window to a tyrant, you give only a small opportunity for the tyrant to run their game on you. If you open a door, not only did you give an opportunity for the tyrant to get to you, but you invited them into your space. Whether you opened a window or door will be determined by five factors. The greater each one of these factors is, the greater the chances are that you have opened a door to a tyrant.

  • The first factor is timing. This is when, how fast and how often it happens.
  • The second factor is pattern. This is an assessment of frequency and consistency. Is it cyclical? Does the pattern happen the same way over and over?
  • The third factor is duration. How long does the battle last?
  • The fourth factor is saturation. How intensely are you being tyranted?
  • The fifth factor is accumulation. What is the cumulative effect on you?

If you open a window to a tyrant, it may be an unpleasant experience, but closing the window is an easier process, and in some respects the tyrant can only see you but not touch you. If you have opened a door to the tyrant, you have opened yourself totally to the tyrant and will probably lose much orende and energy when they are with you. Also, you may have more difficulty in getting the tyrant out of your “house”.

Join us in the next blog to come face to face with each tyrant.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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