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By Deer Tribe / In June 28, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series where you will learn the many faces of the tyrants. You will learn about the other tyrants of life like time, situations, space and the environment. You will also learn about the people called “Two-Legged Tyrants” and what their focus is for tyranting you. You will clearly see how you opened the door and let the tyrant in. Best of all, this series teaches you how to stop any tyrant from stealing your life force energy and how to count coup and gain the true teaching for both you and the tyrant.

A Closer Look At The Tyrant

Last blog we looked at the story of this Tyrant & the Teaching. Now let’s take a closer look at this tyrant, just so we are not fooled. Although this tyrant can appear in many forms, let’s examine four basic faces of the exasperating, bothersome, nuisance, petty tyrant.

The south are children and people who complain. They are in the south of this south wheel because children carry a south energy; it is the place of the child. Complainers also carry a child-like energy. If you think of the last time you were around someone who complained a lot, their voice seemed to change; it was whiny. They usually express grief, pain or discontent. They use a water sword and they play on your emotions to keep you off balance.

The west face is the borrower. This is the person who is consistently and continuously borrowing something from you. Borrowers are in the west because they take into physical possession something that is yours. They use an earth sword, meaning they will borrow your physical things. In the story for the south tyrant, Ed Gasner is a classic borrower.

In the north are the naggers. They find fault incessantly and they irritate by constantly scolding to get things to change to satisfy them. They are a continuous source of annoyance. They use a wind sword to try to make your encounters rigid and less flexible. They are trying to upset you mentally.

In the east are the religious zealots. They affect your spiritual balance. They use their enthusiasm and their fanatic behavior in the form of a fire sword to distract you spiritually. I think almost everyone has had the experience of being witnessed by a person who has just “found God”. Often they come at you with strong penetrating fire energy to tell you exactly what will happen to you if you continue your sinning ways, which usually means not following their dogma and doctrines.

Counting Coup On The Tyrant

Now let’s see what you need to do to count coup on this tyrant and be at cause in your circle.

This petty tyrant’s sitting place (3) is in the south where they sit with water and emotions. Therefore, they use a water sword (their emotions) to attack your emotions. If this tyrant can get you out of emotional balance and control, you will be their victim. Looking at the triggers wheel, this tyrant sits in the place of doubt. They doubt they can get their needs met any other way except through bothersome behavior. They also work on your doubt. They count on you doubting your ability to deal effectively with their behavior.

Let’s look at an example to see this doubt in action. Observe yourself the next time you are in the presence of a child who constantly whines or nags. Often if you listen to your instincts you know exactly what needs to be done, but instead you pay attention to your inner dialogue when deciding how to respond. If you go into doubt your thoughts might sound like this “Am I being too harsh? I feel sorry for the child. Gee this child is unhappy, I’ll just give in.” It is exactly this doubt that allows the tyrant to exist and become very successful with their bothersome strategies.

The (1) place is how you open the door to this tyrant. It is in the northeast, the place where you choreograph what is important to you in life. Here is where you make all your decisions and choices. If you allow this tyrant to distract you with their petty nuisance behavior, the tyrant disrupts your choreography. They want you to stop doing what is important to you so you will focus on what is important to them.

The minute your Inner Tyrant gets at the effect of this tyrant you lose relaxation and focus and go into stress and the door opens. The petty tyrant wears you down in their consistency in making a nuisance of themselves.

You must deal with them very directly or your stress will increase. Enough stress and not looking at or dealing with this tyrant and the enemy of depression is triggered inside you. (Notice stress and depression sit northeast on the triggers wheel.)

The more you allow the tyrant to distract you from accomplishing your true desires, the more depressed you get. Your life now becomes their choreography, not yours. You are the puppet and they are pulling your strings.

The (5) place is in the northwest the place of rules, laws, boundaries and limitations. To count coup on this tyrant you must take action at this place on the wheel, close the door and be at cause in your circle, The important key here is that you must take action before you get stressed and depressed.

This tyrant is greedy, they want as much of your time, energy and attention as you will give them. However, this only mirrors your Inner Tyrant who is greedy as well. You want to choreograph your life according to what your priorities are and you also don’t want to be the “bad guy” who does what it takes to count coup on this tyrant.

What does it take to count coup on the petty tyrant? Before they start their bothersome behavior you must set down the rules, boundaries and limitations for them to follow. The success of counting coup on this tyrant is measured by your ability to stick to the rules you have created.

In the story the man who had a petty tyrant neighbor set solid rules, laws, boundaries and limitations for the tyrant concerning his borrowing behavior. With so many rules, the petty tyrant will usually decide it is easier to borrow from someone else. If counting coup is done well, you will become a petty nuisance to the tyrant and they will see the reflection of their bothersome behavior.

Looking at the (6) place will tell you what the true teaching of this tyrant is and why you drew them into your life. Six (6) is in the north and works with what gives you meaning and purpose in life. By setting strong boundaries for the tyrant and sticking to them, you teach yourself how to hold your intent with clarity. You learn what your bottom line of acceptability is, your line in the sand.

You also learn to deal with your insecurities held within your beliefs regarding use of your time and putting your priorities first. These lessons are often difficult. For example, if you are dealing with a child that demands attention and energy in a bothersome way, you will need to face all the insecurities you have dealing with and caring for children. You will need to deal with your insecurities of your right to have peace and quiet without nagging interruptions. Children force you to be creative.

Join us on the next blog as we learn about the sly, cunning, devious tyrant.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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