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By Sarah Tucker Fisher / In December 11, 2017


Within Earth Astrology, each of us are born with a birth sitting place animal totem.  This is just one animal from a wheel of eight animal totems that guide and teach us throughout our lives.

The birth sitting place animal totem sits in the south of this wheel and teaches us how to be in balance and write a life story of power.  Each of the twelve totem animals do this differently.  Snow Goose are bringers and keepers of the earthly, personal and tonal dream.  They bring clarity to our awake dreaming.  They also keep the mirrors and masks of both ourselves and our Book of Life.  With this connection to our dreaming and our Book of Life, Snow Goose translates the screenplay (story) we wrote in our Book or Life.

The complement totem animal of the Snow Goose is the Flicker, who sits in the North of the wheel.  All compliment totem animals provide an opposite reflection and helps you coordinate how to actualize your intent.  The Flicker, who is the complement of Snow Goose, does this by awakening our unconscious knowledge. This teacher of self-concepts knows the healing medicine of all bundles, connections to the world of ancestors and the little people, and alignment with ecological balance (especially via the insects).  Flicker is also known as the Creator of beauty or Little Artisan.

The Clan animal identifies which animal clan you belong to and guides you to see your greatest weakness as a strength and your greatest strength as a weakness. Its focus is your physical mastery and sits in the West of your wheel.  For the Snow Goose, their Clan animal is the Turtle, who is the keeper of the teachings of shields and carrier of teachings of humanity.  The turtle teaches the sacredness of the Earth Lodge (including our bodies) and is the protector of the lodges of women, keeping both our home and womb sacred. The turtle also brings alignment with the mineral world, especially that of the crystals.  The astrology signs that have Turtle as their Clan Animal are Snow Goose (Sagittarius), Beaver (Taurus), and Brown Bear (Virgo).

And in the east, sits the Spirit Guide who guides your spiritual self-growth and development. The Buffalo, Keeper of wisdom and logic, guides this development for the Snow Goose through its ability to teaches pure science and natural law. It is the great provider, the give-away to the people.  S/he teaches survival, alignment, harmonic resonance, wisdom, and balance.  They are the protectors of Earth Mother, the spiritual energy of the plant world (i.e., water, earth and plants). The astrology signs that have Buffalo as a Spirit Keeper are Snow Goose (Capricorn), Otter (Aquarius), and Cougar (Pisces).

These four animal totems, sitting in the cardinal direction of this wheel, stabilize the energy.  The next four totem animals, who sit in the non-cardinal directions, move the energy.

The Southeast animal provides insight into your self-concepts and how you see the world while reflecting a proper attitude and approach to life.  Within the Snow Goose’s wheel, it is the Snake who provides this through their knowledge of the nagual (spiritual) enemies of fear and death, as well as the secrets of spiritual sexuality, of Quodoushka. Snakes are the protectors of all the teacher plants and the healing herbs and the teacher of the Twenty Count. They communicate telepathically with other animals and are very sensitive to energy.  With their close connection to the Earth, Snake has the ability to warn us when you are out of alignment with the plant and mineral world. They are also Keeper of alignment with Grandfather Sun as she sheds its skin yearly.

If you are looking for guidance about the symbols within your dream, look to the animal who sits in the Southwest of your wheel.  In the case of the Snow Goose, Cougar does this brilliantly.  Cougar teaches how to have balance in movement and change, how to awaken the aura, increase orende (life force energy), and make death an ally. They help us keep our balance and harmony, as well as, design and bring in what’s needed on our Path with Heart, our spiritual path.  A supreme survivalist, Cougar teaches us to stabilize and learn how to do any physical act without injury.

The Northwest totem animal helps us know Sacred Law and our own Sacred Image (our true nature or authentic self).  This animal helps us to discern the patterns that are working and are good to keep and the timing to change the patterns that no longer work.  The Brown Bear, keeper and teacher of the everyday, tonal or personal dream assists us in balancing the moving parts of our day to day (tonal) world.  Brown Bear also help with introspection and teaches you to step into the silence of your inner stillness, where most answers can be found.

And, the final totem animal, sitting in the Northeast, teaches you how to relax and focus while assisting you to design and choreograph your life.  The Beaver, who is comfortable on land (physical) and in water (emotional), helps us to know who we are (self-concepts) as a feeling, physical body.  Beaver is the protector and teacher of all watches or circles, keeper of the purification lodge, and the teacher of the medicine of women.  The Beaver can also awaken the power of women’s spiritual sexuality (their Quodoushka potential).

If you are born under the sign of the Snow Goose or know a Snow Goose, take a moment and add your knowledge of how each of these animals guide you or the one you know.

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