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By Deer Tribe / In May 24, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series where you will learn the many faces of the tyrants. You will learn about the other tyrants of life like time, situations, space and the environment. You will also learn about the people called “Two-Legged Tyrants” and what their focus is for tyranting you. You will clearly see how you opened the door and let the tyrant in. Best of all, this series teaches you how to stop any tyrant from stealing your life force energy and how to count coup and gain the true teaching for both you and the tyrant.


The Trigger Wheel is the first tool to use to know and thus defeat the tyrants. Your inner self-tyrant is the one that allows the external tyrants to gain impetus and control over your world. In other words, if an external tyrant has already pushed your buttons and you are at the effect, then you know that you have invited the tyrant in, it was the depression, fear or repression, etc. inside you that opened the door to the tyrant. If you can defeat your inner self-tyrant, none of the external tyrants have impact. Only if your internal self-tyrant gives its power away can the external tyrants push your buttons. So, you can see that your first responsibility is to master the inner tyrant.

Once this has occurred, then you can begin to stalk the external two-legged tyrants. Always remember that you stalk the tyrants for the teaching. When stalking your external tyrants, you are stalking your inner tyrant at the same time.

Now let’s look at what triggers the inner self-tyrant. These words are called triggers because they are like the trigger on a gun: when it is pulled, it drops the firing pin which strikes the primer and initiates the explosion that sends the bullet to the target. The same happens when you are depressed when confronted by a tyrant: you get triggered, this sets off a reaction and often an explosion that sends you running headlong into a repeated pattern of pain caused by being at the effect of the tyrant.

In the following diagram is a wheel of these triggers. When these triggers are touched inside of you, they will immediately put you at the effect of the tyrant.


When you are triggered by doubt, you are uncertain or lack confidence, which creates hesitation. Since doubt is a south energy, it exemplifies your desire to have emotional approval from outside yourself rather than through inner approval. Doubts block your own self-approval and, therefore, you will go outside yourself into the social arenas and get emotional approval from other people or other circumstances in order to fit in. It stops you emotionally from excellence. If you don’t deal with the doubt, you will manifest it as physical fear and will freeze your natural response to true fear (flight or fight).

With doubt you will procrastinate, freeze emotionally, or swear confusion. You will do anything but confront the tyrant. You might even deny a tyrant is in your face or have any confidence you can handle this tyrant. Or perhaps you will go into total panic about what to do with it. When you doubt, you give your power away to the tyrants and image makers and lose life force energy. It leads you to inaction when action is exactly what you need to do.


When you are triggered by jealousy, you demand complete devotion. It brings up suspicion of anyone who is believed to enjoy an advantage. When you are jealous, you resent that someone has something you think you should have, but you don’t have enough self-deservement to go and get it.

When you are triggered by envy, you have a grudging desire for or discontent at the sight of another’s excellence or advantage. You are resentful that you don’t have what you do deserve.

West  FEAR

When triggered by fear you have an unpleasant and often strong feeling caused by expectation or awareness of danger. Here you are dealing with your physical body, your health. There is something outside your realm of experience that is unknown. When you try to convert the fear to physical security, you go to the political and economic world and seek security there so that you can belong. You may work yourself to death just so that you can belong. This is rampant in the “do what and have what the Jones’s do and have”. You go outside yourself rather than into yourself, into your inner resources and make it happen. There is only one way to deal with fear, and that is to make the unknown known.


When you are triggered by greed, you want it all. When you are triggered by avarice, you have an excessive desire for wealth especially at the expense or detriment of others.

Join us in the next blog as we cover the rest of the trigger wheel.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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