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By Sarah Tucker Fisher / In November 19, 2017

Wheel of Animal Allies

Each Earth Astrology sign has its own wheel of seven other animal guides that make up their Wheel of Allies.  So far, we have met four of them.  Your birth totem animal sits in the south of the wheel and teaches us how to be in balance and write a life story of power.  In the north sits the compliment to your birth totem, which provides an opposite reflection and helps you coordinate how to actualize your intent.  Your Clan Animal sits in the west and tells you which element you most easily relate to and have responsibility for.  It also guides you to see your weaknesses as strengths.  In the east lives your Spirit Keeper, the animal who are the guardians of your spirit and guide your self-growth and development.  These four animal totems in the cardinal directions of your wheel hold or stabilize the energy.

The remaining four animals sit in the non-cardinal directions and deal specifically with the way you run your patterns on the Wheel of Life.  Since the non-cardinals of any wheel keep energy moving, these allies carry the medicine in those directions that will keep you out of pattern, out of the dark side favored by the “one who will not see”, your Shideh.

The animal who sits in the Southeast provides insight into your self-concepts and how you see the world while reflecting a proper attitude and approach to life.  The Southwest animal guides the symbols within your dream, both sleeping and waking.  This animal also teaches you about space and distance, when to approach, when to retract.  The Northwest animal helps you to know Sacred Law and your Sacred Image.  It helps you to discern the patterns that are working and are good to keep and the timing to change the patterns that no longer work.  And the animal ally in the Northeast assists in how you design and choreograph your life, teaching you how to relax and focus.

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