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DTMMS Information

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society was founded in 1986 by the late Harley SwiftDeer Reagan for the purpose of gathering, translating and teaching the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island. The late Harley SwiftDeer Reagan and the Deer Tribe are modern day representatives of an ancient lineage of sacred knowledge of universal laws, ceremonial alchemy, healing techniques, alignment and communication with the elements of nature, magick, controlled dreaming, spiritual awakening and determination. For more information about the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and the Deer Tribe, contact us at (480) 443.3851 or


I can’t sign into my account, what do I do?

The first step is to use the “Forgot Password?” function on the login page. If you have changed your email address recently, know that your account login will remain your original email address so try logging in using that email address. Please do not create a new account! Send us an email at if you are still experiencing challenges and we will be able to assist you.

Is the DTMMS Office open at this time?

Currently, our dedicated office staff is continuing to work remotely and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This means we are able to continue serving the apprentice body. We do ask for patience: as we are working remotely it may take additional time to respond to your voicemails or emails. Know that we appreciate you contacting us and we are doing the best we can to keep things moving. We remain able to ship products from our online store, including internationally which occurs once a week at the current time.

We do monitor voicemail remotely, but would much prefer email communication, whenever possible. If you need a phone conversation, we are happy to use email to schedule one. Here is a handy email directory:

Front Desk/General Inquiries: Aubrey Beard

Financial Department:

Administrative Assistant/Contracting: Jan Holmes

Order Fulfillment and Shipping: Jim Goohs

German-Speaking Office: Karsten Guschke

Medicine Director: Mary Minor




Visit our robust on-line shopping area where you can find books, study materials, audio &video products and online teachings. We can ship the ordered products or you can download some products as well as accessing virtual products. For more information about our product line, contact us at or call us at (480) 443.3851.


Calendar of Events

Visit our Calendar of Events section for more information about local, national and international programs and workshops.. See the teachers biography and where you can enroll in the various programs and community events. You can email directly the contact person of each event and get the information you want to make informed decisions.  For more information, contact us at or call us at (480) 443.3851.


Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom

To foster the well-being of the Four Colts of the Gold Horse — the flourishing of Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom for all! Our mission as Rainbow SunDance Warriors is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, dogma and superstition using the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path to seed the future generations with Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom.


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