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The Orende Movement Wheel: Part 2
In March 8, 2023
The Orende Laws of Attraction In Part 1, we looked at the Orende Movement Wheel. In the cardinal directions are the Orende Laws of Attraction (referred to earlier as the…
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The Orende Movement Wheel: Part 1
In February 24, 2023
Attitude, Choice, and Energy Underlying all energy in life is a design and choice of how that energy will express itself. We can be sure that energy will change as…
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Balanced Choreography: The Mind & Spirit
In February 7, 2023
The Mind In balanced choreography (see Part I),we receive with the mind through clarity and caring. Our mind is an open cup, ready to receive from many viewing points and perspectives.…
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Balanced Choreography: The Physical
In January 11, 2023
In balanced choreography (see Part I), we hold with the physical body with intimacy. Now, this does not mean to hold as in hold on tight. It is holding in…
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Balanced Choreography: Emotions
In December 7, 2022
Balanced and Imbalanced Choreography If we could just master this balanced choreography (in Part I) of giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining…
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Balanced Choreography
In November 28, 2022
In Figure 14 you will find a wheel called the Balanced Choreography of Energy. This wheel describes the most balanced way to use energy. In the South we give with…
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