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Balanced Choreography – What does that Mean?
In November 15, 2021
Imagine being a tight rope walker on moving on a rope stretched between two buildings high above the street. You use your balancing staff to help you adjust left and…
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Rites of Passage
In February 18, 2019
Blog Written by Barbara Brachi. Rites of passage give recognition to the human experience. There are different kinds of rites practiced throughout many different cultures, all over the world. There…
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Face your Fear and be Fearless
In September 12, 2018
Blog Written By Sara Regester. If we are living, breathing human-beings we will have fear in our lives that shows up at times when we are at the edge of…
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In December 11, 2017
Within Earth Astrology, each of us are born with a birth sitting place animal totem.  This is just one animal from a wheel of eight animal totems that guide and…
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Elk People
In December 4, 2017
Happy birthday to those of you who were born under the Earth Astrology sign of Elk (Sagittarius sun sign).  Within Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology, each of us are born with…
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Wheel of Animal Allies
In November 19, 2017
Each Earth Astrology sign has its own wheel of seven other animal guides that make up their Wheel of Allies.  So far, we have met four of them.  Your birth…
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