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By Deer Tribe / In September 12, 2023

Development of Our Tungashilah

The North of the Five Evolutionary Stages Overview Wheel is Five Stages of Development of Our Tungashilah (see Figure 11), a Cherokee word which indicates “all of our relations since always and for always.” It is all of your relations from all of your lifetimes. Your aunts, uncles, grandparents, mothers, and fathers, etc. This is occurring in the nagual in the 6th dimension.

We begin in the Center with your Toushilahey. This is another Cherokee word which refers to the spirit personality selves of the self, the “I AM.” Toushilahey refers to the spirit personality you are now, have been in all lifetimes, and will be in the future. In this lifetime I am the spirit personality known as Flaming Crystal Mirror. In another lifetime maybe I was a Gypsy storyteller named Ruda. These are some of my Toushilahey. It is all lifetimes and all spirit personalities. Don’t get hung up on linear time: this is happening in the 6th dimension, where all time is now. In our apple analogy, this is the potential which is held within one apple and all apples. It is the law “From the one to the many and from the many to the one.”

In the South, each of the spirit personalities chooses substance with a particular gender form. These are the different bodies we take on. It is when the potential of the apple takes form and name: an apple that is a Macintosh.

In the North, each Toushilahey chooses a family, a constellation of primary significant others who will mold and shape you. This is all your relations. This is like the seeds in the apple.

In the West, each Toushilahey chooses a Tribe and Clan, a constellation which will shape the social and economic world of the spirit personality. It is analogous to a handful of apples.

In the East, the spirit personality chooses a Race, a constellation of shapers of its cultural images, and it chooses one of the Eight Great Powers as its path with heart in that particular lifetime. This is the barrel the apple comes from.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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