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By Deer Tribe / In September 12, 2023

Development of the Spirit Personality

The Five Stages of Development of the Spirit Personality (see Figure 10) take place in the nagual, and specifically in the 5th dimension. Our spirit personality spirals through five stages in its process of growth and development.

Because of the nagual understanding necessary to relate this teaching, I will use a very concrete example to help you understand this knowledge. The analogy will use the flowering tree known as an apple tree.

In the Center is the Spark of Free Will. It occurs at the moment of creation when a spirit personality becomes an individual cell within the collective soul. The Spark of Free Will refers to the moment when an individual cell of consciousness sees itself as consciousness, and wakes up and says, “Now I exist.” Our analogy begins the moment a handful of apples is taken out of a barrel. This is where the individual apple recognizes itself as consciousness and says, “I exist.”

The South is called Individuation. This means that this cell has the potential within it for all forms of humanness. Continuing our analogy, having taken the apples out of the barrel, the seeds are scattered on the ground. When one of the many seeds sprouts, this is individuation.

The North is Identification. This occurs when one particular form is designated as the chosen form of a particular personality. This is when the name and form of the apple is identifiable, for example, a Mackintosh or Washington apple.

In the West is Compounding. This occurs when we realize we can’t learn all there is to learn in one lifetime, so multiple spirit personalities are developed. Compounding also occurs in the recognition that another mirror enhances our learning process. It is our potential for holding onto the same body and spirit personality many lifetimes. We can experience death/death and yet keep the same body and spirit personality. This is what Jesus did at the resurrection: he died and came back within the same body and spirit personality known as Jesus. In our apple analogy, the same tree will grow more apples over and over again.

In the East is Recreation. Here the spiral returns to the beginning as one form is “destroyed” for the sake of creating a new form. The apples fall to the ground and rot. From the many seeds of the “destroyed” apples comes the orchard. This is the re-creation of the tree.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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