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By Deer Tribe / In January 19, 2024


Read part 1 here

The only reason we come into physical form is to experience the physical and to master it so we can become formless. As we came into form each of us had lessons we had to learn. These are what we call karmic lessons, patterns and experiences. However, since we have forgotten the greater picture, we created in spirit we begin to live life as if what we are experiencing is the totality and reality of who we really are. We forget that we created our screenplay and all of the players in our Book of Life so that we could encounter these to learn our lessons. The reason we go through the forgetting circle mentioned earlier is so when we meet people in our lives that we have karmic lessons with, we will have the opportunity to engage and learn the lesson. If we came back into physical form with full memory we would see overlays of past lifetime relationship, experiences and it would confuse us as to what lessons we needed to learn.

Our process of waking up develops our ability to see pattern and change it. It is important to remember that the mold is part of our potential, and we create a box of limitations out of it as a function of our reaction to the choices we make.

If we forget that the mold is actually a part of our potential, like a tool kit, and instead experience it as a box of limitations, then we will clutter it with rules and laws, rights and wrongs, dos and don’ts, doubts, insecurities and fears. We begin to feel trapped and won’t push the sides of the box out. Guilt, blame and shame keep us inside the box, and impact us most strongly in the 1st and 2nd chakra. Guilt is stored in the 1st chakra (our sexuality) and blame and shame in the 2nd chakra (our path). As a result, we become unwilling to let go of pain and go for pleasure. We deem our pain more comfortable and secure and stronger than the fear of the unknown. To maintain a sense of security we continue the pain behavior patterns. You see, we know pain, we know how long it will last, and about when it will stop. The unknown is just that – unknown. There is nothing secure about it.

We are here in this lifetime to discover our mold. We are here to awaken to the potential held within that mold created by the choices we made while in spirit. If we walk this potential in the light, it will bring us to enlightenment,

You are fresh out of the womb, not remembering much, but conscious and still very connected to spirit, you are feeling inside yourself the totem animal you were born into. Some of you are deer, beavers, snakes or maybe you are a snow goose. Whatever animal totem you were born as, you feel the beauty, power and majesty of it in every one of your cells.

Then an incredible thing happens. Your parents look down at you and say “Oh what a beautiful turkey or duck or horse”. At this point you are quite obviously perplexed because you know in every fiber of your being who and what you truly are. You begin to protest trying to show them the majesty of who you are, but they cannot hear nor understand what you know. Furthermore, you cannot understand why they can’t see. This is not a conscious awareness. It is an instinctive knowledge of being.

Tune in to the next blog to learn how we are the artist of our great potential or artist of our natural self.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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