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Stress is an invitation from Spirit to grow beyond your comfort zone and step into the unknown where the greatest gifts of transformation are possible. In this inspiring story by a self-proclaimed Stress Junkie, you will learn new ways to approach stress more productively, to re-wire stress responses, and be more resilient.

This message of hope comes with pragmatic tools and practices, so you can grow from your stress and stretch beyond your comfort zone without paralyzing anxiety.

You will discover how to:

  • Increase your health, harmony, and happiness, even when things are difficult with your kids, partner, or work.
  • Transform the shake of anxiety into inner courage and outer confidence so you can stretch beyond your comfort zone.
  • Learn new truths for yourself that will empower you to pick up these tools and break free from your sabotaging stress patterns
  • Fuel your heart’s desire and reignite your life force energy to restore your passion, creativity and spontaneity.

Author: Sara Regester

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