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By Deer Tribe / In September 1, 2023

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage ceremonies support and facilitate passing through the above stages of maturation and growth. These are ceremonies which occur at specific times in a human being’s life to signify the movement into the next phase of development. Without these significant Rites of Passage ceremonies, the natural movement of growth is delayed.

Within our culture, the power, beauty, and strength of these Rites of Passage ceremonies have been either discontinued altogether, or watered down. For example, in the white Anglo Saxon culture, there is no ceremony which says to a boy or girl at puberty that they have reached the state of adulthood. In the Jewish tradition, a boy has a Bar Mitzvah. This ceremony does an adequate job of signifying the puberty milestone. However, many times after the ceremony, the “young men” are still treated like small boys, so the gains are not truly actualized. The purpose for a Rites of Passage is empowerment to the next stage of learning.

It is within a human being’s basic nature to seek Rites of Passage. If their culture does not provide one, they will create their own. We see this in sororities and fraternities. Hazing is an example of young adults trying to duplicate a Rite of Passage. However, this does not work well and can never be a substitute. A lack of Rites of Passage, particularly with our young, creates a deep separation from the planet and themselves. Much of the destruction of Grandmother Earth is directly attributable to the lack of Rites of Passage through the generations.

I have included the Rites of Passage wheel for the Big South Moon here for your interest and knowledge. (See Figure 9.) There are Rites of Passage Ceremonies for all the Big Moons. For each cycle of development, there is a ceremony which holds power and beauty and will take a being through the necessary stages of growth. It is my wish to see the Rites of Passage reinstated on this planet. It would bring about healing in many areas and on many levels of life, not the least of which is healing here on Grandmother Earth.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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