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By Deer Tribe / In February 24, 2023

The Orende Movement Wheel: Part 1

Attitude, Choice, and Energy

Underlying all energy in life is a design and choice of how that energy will express itself. We can be sure that energy will change as it expresses itself. Our ability to perceive the expression of that energy and deal with its changes depends on our knowledge of the laws which govern it. These laws will either draw us toward an energy (it holds an attraction for us), move us away from it, or we will set up a movement/change relationship with it.

We begin this Module with the Orende Movement Wheel (Figure 1) to gain an understanding of the choices of movement/change and the laws of attraction.

­­How Energy Works

It is important for us to know how energy works so we can truly have freedom of choice in our lives. Energy expressions have two components which govern their movement.

The Laws of Energy Attraction sit In the cardinal directions. These are the qualities of energy and whether it attracts or repels. The factor which has the greatest bearing on each law is whether or not we as humans know the law and use it to come into alignment with the energy which is present.

The Four Choices of Energy Response sit in the non-cardinal directions. The factor with the greatest bearing on the choice of energy expression is the understanding that we do have a choice about how we respond to energy, and that our choice makes a difference in the quality and richness of our life.

Here’s an example. Let’s say I am in the presence of a certain person and I feel repulsed by them and I move away energetically. Let’s say I am in a negative space. I have four basic ways of responding to that energy. I can:

1. compete with it, putting me into a win/lose situation

2. oppose it and stay closed to the person

3. create a conflict energy and see one of us as right and the other wrong

4. align with the energy and risk losing my autonomy.

In our everyday experiences with people and energy, we have a tendency to react to energy instead of seeing it as a challenge of choice. I call that crisis response or the “spray and pray” method! Whether we gain or lose energy within our own circle depends on addressing the energetic challenge from a place of choice. It does makes a difference.

Orende: Our Life Force Energy

Before we can thoroughly look at the Orende Movement Wheel, we must define the key word, orende. In Module #1, we learned that our life force energy is called chi, ki or chuluaqui. Orende is a word that indicates the measure of duration and intensity, both internally and externally, of our life force energy. Simply put, it measures how strong our life force is.

Everything which is in existence has an energy and vibration called Orende. This includes human beings. For example, our sun has an overall energy vibration measure of one. Our planet has an overall energy vibration measure of two. The plants have a vibration of three, and the animals are four. When a human is fully awakened, they have an overall energy vibration of five or above.

The higher the orende level, the more stamina, endurance, and overall energy you will have. In other words, you have greater health. The Elders say that, as of 1992, on the planet the tonal orende of the average human was between 3.1 and 3.4.

Tonal orende is defined as the measure and duration of our life force energy as it manifests in this 3rd dimensional, substance reality. In humans, tonal orende is calculated based on five different aspects.

To get an idea of the meaning of tonal orende in practice, consider these reflections:

1. Emotional Orende

How much emotional support do you need per day? How often do you need to be hugged and told you are loved? The more nurturing and support you need, the lower your emotional orende. (Note when we use the word “need” in this context it means if you don’t get it you will be in pain.)

2. Mental Orende

How much mental stimulation do you require in a day? How many times per day are you prompted to read a book or increase your mental knowledge in some way? Here, the more stimulation required the higher the mental orende.

3. Physical Orende

How much sleep and food do you need per day? Here the more you need, the lower your physical orende.

4. Spiritual Orende

What, when, why, where, and how often do you need to express your artisticness, originality, and creativity? How often do you need to do ceremony, meditate, do breathing exercises, or engage in alchemy? The key is to look at the degree of happiness you experienced the day before. A high spiritual orende will trigger happiness.

5. Sexual Orende

How often do you make love per day? Here the more you make love the higher the sexual orende.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 2″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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