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By Deer Tribe / In December 7, 2022

Balanced Choreography: Emotions

Balanced and Imbalanced Choreography

If we could just master this balanced choreography (in Part I) of giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining with spirit, and catalyzing with open heart to heart sexual communication, we would be walking around this planet in balance and harmony with all things. However, often imbalance occurs. Fatigue and pain are created when these directions and energetic expressions are interchanged.

Let’s look at some common examples of emotional imbalance.

  • If you hold with your emotions, you are always at the effect of your emotions. Your emotions begin to wall or dam up, so that when someone speaks to you in the “wrong way” you take it personally, whether they meant it or not. This imbalance is caused by not giving with the emotions.
  • A person who is receiving with the emotions will have a tendency to create imbalances such as obesity, addictions around food and water, alcoholism, cardiovascular problems, etc. Another example of receiving with the emotions is being an energy vampire. You pull energy from others to yourself, demanding the other “make it right” or “better.”
  • What if you are determining with your emotions? Here you become the brat or tyrant. You demand attention through your emotionalism, you “get even.” You may even make decisions and set priorities out of your emotional reactions as opposed to taking action as pure motion, based on your spiritual determination.
  • If you catalyze with your emotions, you develop a fanatical personality. This energy imbalance can also create suicidal tendencies.

When the emotions are doing anything but giving, pain and fatigue are the result, eventually causing disease and illness in the body. This is true all the way around the wheel with any imbalance of choreography.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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