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By Deer Tribe / In February 7, 2023

Balanced Choreography: The Mind & Spirit

The Mind

In balanced choreography (see Part I),we receive with the mind through clarity and caring. Our mind is an open cup, ready to receive from many viewing points and perspectives. When we are open only to one viewing point, we can get tunnel vision. The more ideas and concepts we can receive with our minds, the greater will be our capacity to see many different perspectives and therefore, gain more clarity.

The imbalances in the mind are as follows:

If you hold with the mind and you get stuck in belief systems and one point of view, you develop tunnel vision which often causes a person to be judgmental and prejudiced.

If you give with the mind, you have no grasp of how reality really is. Instead, you are constantly dealing with the way it should be or ought to be. Instead of receiving the data which would give you valid reality, you create illusions in your head and give those out as “truth.” If you give with your mind it produces a real victim syndrome, one who is oblivious to the reality in their environment.

Determining with the mind often leads to depression because that person is always despairing or disappointed because things are never as they should be.

A person who catalyzes with the mind becomes a lord or queen tyrant, a dictator. This is often in combination with determining with the emotions. This person when taken to extremes will say “this is the way it is and you will obey or die.” Catalyzing with the mind combined with determining with the emotions can also produce an extremely regimented discipline with the body. It is the physical fitness freak who sees it as the end all and be all.

The Spirit

In the East we determine with the spirit through passion and lust

Finally, let’s look at imbalances in our spiritual aspect.

When a person gives with spirit, they become asleep to reality as it is. Their illusion may be that “All is beautiful” despite what reality is saying about the situation. They are giving with this illusion of spirit and lack the foresight, backbone, and physical development to deal with the reality of this world as it is.

If a person is holding with their spirit, they get caught in no hope. They cannot let their spirit fly free to gain the vision necessary for hope to spring eternal.

If a person is receiving with their spirit, there is no actualization. You take in the vision, but you don’t do anything with it. This can be seen in the recluse or hermit who has no vision or purpose.

If you catalyze with the spirit, you spin your cosmic wheels and create burn-out. Some of our greatest imbalance and pain is created here by our family, peers, and religious teachers whom we mime or try to please. They attempt to minimize or shut down our sexual catalyst energy.

Common Choreography Imbalances

When we are out of balance in our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or sexual aspects, we create fatigue and pain in our lives. Such imbalances can eventually lead to illness and disease.

The average person will most often switch the North and East energies and the South and West energies. We will tend to blow out the emotions first. Our isolation and separation makes us feel alone, lost and disempowered lacking any special purpose in our lives. This is in part caused by our ignorance of the elemental energies within us and our lack of understanding of proper choreography of energy at the most basic level. Having now been exposed to these teachings, we can do something about it for ourselves!

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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