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By Deer Tribe / In February 8, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series.

The people who are part of our mold and contribute to our sculpting and armoring are called image makers. We call them image makers because we copy and imitate them, and as a result we become like them, forgetting who we are naturally. The wheel of image makers identifies eleven that contribute to the process of our molding, sculpting and armoring. These image makers consist of the five internal aspects of self and six external image makers. We are image makers when we contribute to our own armoring by our reaction to the external image makers. This is called the “preconceived web” and we do this to fit in, belong and conform to the norms of the family and society we live in.

It is important to understand the difference between a tyrant and an image maker. Image makers influence our internal self-concept and inner tyrant (the five aspects of self-emotions, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual). Tyrants confront us through the six external image makers: family, relationship, and the political, social, economic and religious arenas. Both, however, produce molding, sculpting and armoring: an image maker can become a tyrant and vice versa.

The key is to become more and more of your natural self; then you are an enlightened warrior in impeccable freedom. You are not affected by image makers or tyrants; you will only appear to be so. That’s the subtlety of all this. It gives you the chance to count coup on the tyrant and help him to see he is a tyrant.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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