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By Deer Tribe / In March 22, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series.

The external image makers, including parents and teachers, shape our core personality and lead us to conform for survival. This molding creates a mask of self-pity, concealing our true nature and leading to a life of conformity and unfulfillment. Breaking free from this mask is crucial to discovering our enlightened, true selves.


There are actually two sets of image makers here. One is south on the wheel and they are the family image makers. The other is south of center and they are our relationships.

Family Image Makers:

Your emotions primarily are mimed and mimicked behaviors developed from how you saw others in your family expressing their emotions. It is in this way the family image makers mold, sculpt and armor your emotions. Most of the pain tapes that are held in the body originate from this process. These image makers will affect how you process every aspect of your life. In most cases you are related by blood or live in close proximity with your family image makers, so your relationship to space and distance is also affected. Can you live well with each other? Do you need a large space to live in? Do you need to live a greater distance from your family? How safe you feel in the larger world is affected by how safe you felt within the family unit. They impact your overall choreography, as well as your ability to relax and focus under stress and chaos. You might say that how you were molded, sculpted and armored within the family unit will transfer out onto and into the greater world as you: live your life.

Relationship Image Makers:

These image makers sit in the south of center. These are the sexual relationships you have had. What happens to you with your relationship image makers is a function of the impact of your family image makers. In other words, how you identified with your mother and father will impact how you relate within your lover relationships. For example, this is where a man may wake up one day and realize he has “married his mother”, So it is an easy jump to make to see how the relationship image makers can influence your myth and story. What was started with the family will be carried over into the relationship, either embellishing the current myth or changing it in some way. This in turn will impact your emotional development.

As stated earlier, our sexuality is our catalyst energy. When you engage with someone sexually, it affects all aspects of who you are. Therefore, these relationship image makers will make an impact on how you see the world, your inner self-concept, and your sense of worth, think about the last time a very important love relationship broke up. There was a place inside of you that questioned your self-worth. I was too ugly or stupid or fat. I wasn’t a good enough lover. Generally, we start to examine our entire sense of self-worth. These image makers also impact our morals and ethics. Do we make love with someone before we get married? Do I need to be “in love” with someone before I have sex? Very often these image makers help us formulate the rules and laws that become the foundation of our morals and ethics. One of the most important impacts from this image maker is the development of knowing what our patterns are and when to catch the timing to break a pattern. Disharmony caused by a pattern that needs to be changed shows up very fast within an intimate lover relationship.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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