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By Deer Tribe / In February 6, 2024


In the preceding blogs on our journey, we explored the intricate processes of “Molding” and “Sculpting,” exploring the origins of our basic nature and the societal influences shaping our identity. Now, as we progress, the narrative unfolds into the realm of “Armoring.” Armoring, initiated from our first breath and extending into our sexuality, acts as a protective shield in response to societal expectations. As we delve into this crucial aspect of our being, we discover how this armoring impacts our emotions, creativity, and overall well-being. The Genital Sense of Self, intricately connected to our aliveness, becomes a focal point, unveiling the profound influence of societal reactions on our most intimate aspects. The journey continues as we navigate the intricate layers of our existence, exposing the consequences of armoring and the quest for a liberated, authentic self.

Many times, people try to change a painful pattern, they will try to change their behavior many ways, but to no avail; the pattern just returns. The reason for this is that the physical body still has the armoring intact and the pattern locked into substance. Therefore, you can have changed behaviors, but if the body is armored, the pattern has a good chance of remaining. For example, a person is addicted to a substance, let’s say alcohol. They can go to AA and stop drinking, which looks like a cure. However, that person can never take another drink because the patterns that caused them to drink are still locked in the armored physical body. The best way to truly cure alcoholism or any addiction is to de-armor the physical body and get at the cause.

The key to greater pleasure then is to de-armor. As stated above, armoring is a lack of imagination, the de-armoring and resculpting is a stretch of your imagination. When caught in pain, refuse to stay there. You have a choice in life, exercise it. Pain is a great teacher, but only if you choose short-term pain and long-term pleasure. Chip away and resculpt the self. Allow yourself to vibrate faster. Seek and gain knowledge that creates change. The greater the degree of knowledge, the more pleasure in your circle. The minute you are in pain, take responsibility for it and take steps to grow out of it.

Your perceptions shape your reality and, in that reality, you are either predator or prey. A predator stalks knowledge and finds a way. A prey is a victim.

De-armoring is simple but not easy, because you desperately want to go back into pattern. Pattern then throws you back into your box of guilt, blame and shame and throws you into pain. Then the cycle continues. Once you are in pattern you accept complacency as your security blanket.

One of the consequences of being in reaction to the image makers is you focus outside yourself and ignore what is happening inside you. This affects your ability to really gain self-knowledge, and without self-knowledge you have a very difficult time breaking out of your armoring. When you are de-armored and free of much of your armoring, you begin to experience much more pleasure in your body. As a result, you are not so easily controlled by others. You do not fit in, belong and conform without consciousness. The goal of the armoring was just the opposite.

When you are facing a tyrant, you go to your inner self to draw on your resources to deal with this tyrant. If you are heavily molded, sculpted and armored, your resource circle will be full of pain. In other words, you will tend to continue behavior and reactions that will bring about pain and, therefore, keep you in the tyrant’s loop of possibilities.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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