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By Deer Tribe / In February 2, 2024


This blog series navigates the realms of internal and external influences that shape our lives. In “Molding, Sculpting, and Armoring,” MOLDING Part 1 & 2 explored unraveling the origins of our basic nature. A journey from spirit to physical form, we explored the choices made in the ethereal realm, setting the stage for our experiences in the tangible world. The subsequent blog, SCULPTING, delved into the impact of societal influences on our fundamental mold, shaping our identity and presenting an opportunity for conscious rediscovery. As we continue, the overarching theme unfolds – the quest for enlightenment and the conscious pursuit of our true, natural selves…

In our attempt to survive and adapt to the sculpting process, we live in reaction instead of being in pure action. Out of this reaction we do what is called armoring. This armoring actually starts the moment you take your first breath out of the womb, and in some of our aspects, like our sexuality, this can begin from the seventh month in the womb. The body is made up of lots of water, metals and minerals. Through this armoring process metals and minerals coalesce to form plates at certain places on the body. These plates are striated in nature and when in place block the life force energy from flowing through the body. At the same time, very little pleasure can get through or be experienced. As a result, our metabolic rate slows down and the orgone flow, our life force energy, has trouble moving through the body. This can have a negative effect in all five of our aspects of our being and our health.

We use armoring to anesthetize or numb ourselves from the pain we feel in response to the image makers and by not being ourselves. It is our attempt to “conform” to the image makers and to be what we “perceive” is okay. It is the pain we experience in the conflict between our true nature self-lying undiscovered deep within us and the sculpted “pseudo” self.

In reaction to all this we shut off the pleasure to the same degree that we numb ourselves to the pain. THUNDER STRIKES has a favorite analogy regarding the numbing effect of armoring. He says when you need a tooth filled, you go to the dentist and he will give you a shot of Novocain. Now what is true is that this Novocain will indeed numb your mouth so the drilling won’t hurt you. However, have you ever tried to kiss someone when your mouth is shot full of Novocain? Not much feeling or pleasure there. The armoring works the same in our body as the Novocain does in our mouth.

As a result, the armoring slows you down and causes sickness, disease, aging and death. Some of the strongest armoring is in our emotions. Our emotions are mimed, mimicked and learned responses that are a reaction to the image makers. You armor yourself to the degree you have a lack of imagination in your emotional energy flow.

Our Genital Sense of Self is extremely affected by the molding, sculpting and armoring. The Genital Sense of Self is our sexual identity, our creativity, uniqueness, individuality and autonomy. This part of us can begin armoring as early as the seventh month in the womb. This armoring comes through the mother’s attitudes about sexuality, then it continues outside of the womb.

You may or may not know that your sexuality is your catalyst energy and affects every aspect of who you are. You might say it’s the baking powder that makes your cake rise. So, it is especially important to find out the potential of your sexuality and how to use this energy to affect every other aspect of who you are.

Your genitals are connected to your sense of being alive, or your alive-ness. Ultra sound images have shown that babies, while still in the womb, touch their genitals, and some say it is this that creates the movement that starts the baby down the birth canal.

The next bit of armoring occurs outside the womb when a baby will naturally touch its genitals and get its hand slapped. When a child is older, parental reaction is even more strongly negative. Each time a child is reprimanded or punished for touching their genitals, they tighten up and armor their Genital Sense of Self. Most people are most severely armored here.

Stay tuned for Armoring Part 2

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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