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By Sarah Tucker Fisher / In February 18, 2019

Rites of Passage

Blog Written by Barbara Brachi.

Rites of passage give recognition to the human experience. There are different kinds of rites practiced throughout many different cultures, all over the world. There are rites for fertility, birthing, and initiation as well as moon rites, sun rites, death rites, clan and tribal rites.

Rites of passage address sensitive times in the maturation of a human spirit. They help us to effectively navigate our lives and to meet our needs as a Spirit within an Earth Lodge. They remind us that we are also of  Spirit and allow us time to spiritually take stock of our lives. This is true for all humans across cultures and races, and despite or in spite of belief.

For all individuals in all phases of life, rites of passage offer guidance, support, challenges, and teachings. They reveal to us the “what” that is trying to mature within us at a particular age and time.

It is powerful and supportive to know the theme or issue that is trying to be negotiated within us at any time. Rites of passage empower us to accept the gains or losses during these life passages and to choose the change that is necessary for greater balance.

We all carry the potential for self-awareness. We also have the ability to make conscious choices and to carry those choices through to completion. Rites of passage remind us to take time in our lives to become self-aware and experience life consciously.

The body of teachings and ceremonies within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage provide a roadmap for our journey through life’s cycles. They empower safe passage and transformation through these critical times.

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