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By Deer Tribe / In August 3, 2022

The Four Elements

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.

The basic four wheel always encompasses the Center and, therefore, the five. What I mean is that when you have a four wheel, you will always be working with five energies whether it is stated or not. For example, we have the powers of the four directions of South, North, West, and East. The Center will work with each direction on the wheel and, indeed, become a catalyst for the entire wheel. As you can see (in Figure 3) the directions are put on paper in this way. South is at the bottom of the circle. North is at the top of the circle. West is to the left and East is to the right. The Center is in the middle. Remember these directions hold the energy or stabilize a medicine wheel.

The elements which work with these directions are as follows (see Figure 4):

In the South is the water. Think of the many different ways that water appears on this planet. It can be raging rapids or a small quiet brook. It can appear as a stagnant pond or a great ocean. Contemplate the many forms in which you experience the waters on this planet and know that this is South energy. All South energies are fluid or have fluidity as part of their nature.

The element in the West is earth. Earth energies work with stability and endurance. Think of the many different ways that the earth element appears on this planet: the small portions of earth used in your planter, or the tremendous amounts of earth moved to prepare the foundation for a building, or a tall rugged mountain. Feel the stability which comes when you think of the earth element. Contemplate the many forms in which you experience this element on the planet and you will have a knowing of West energies.

We now look at the North element which is wind or air. The wind works with flexibility. Think about the ways you know the wind—from the whirling tornados to summer’s gentle breeze, or the wind that comes up just before a storm hits. Think of the many different ways you have experienced the wind and you will know the North energies.

In the East is the element of fire. Fire teaches us expansion. It could be a small candlelight, or a raging forest fire, or the campfire which warms you on a cold night. Think about the many ways you have experienced fire and you will know the East energies.

In the Center is the void, the black hole or womb. The void works with all of the four elements. In fact it is from the void, the apparent nothing, the source, that all things take on substance within spirit. This is the Chuluaqui Quodoushka energy which was mentioned in the creation story. The void works with the energy of open heart to heart communication. It is the catalyst energy which makes and keeps the other elements in a state of balance or imbalance depending on how it is used.

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