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By Deer Tribe / In May 30, 2023

The Star Maidens Circle: The South

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 2″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. See Part 1: Introduction here

There are many ways to read the Star Maidens Circle (from here on we will refer to it as SMC). We will overlay three different wheels at the same time. I am including each wheel individually so you can see them in their integrity, as well as an overlay wheel of all three. Together these wheels give you the basics for each of the directions.

For each description below you will find the following:

• the quality of each direction of the SMC (see Figure 3)  
• the Warrior’s Attribute (see Figure 4)  
• the aspect of SwiftDeer’s Movie Drama Wheel (see Figure 5)

The Warrior’s Attributes wheel was used originally in martial arts to show the characteristics in each direction necessary for a person to fully develop themselves as a warrior. You will notice that in each direction there are two attributes. The first one will always carry the feminine energy and the second will carry the masculine energy. In each pair, you must have the feminine aspect mastered before you can step into and embody the masculine aspect. It overlays very nicely onto the SMC.

The Movie Drama Wheel is a creation of SwiftDeer’s. He was an avid movie buff, so it is natural for him to create such a wheel. It, too, overlays very nicely onto the SMC.


From The Powers and Manifestations of the Four Directions: Part I – South we learned that the South is the place of the heart, water, plants, trust, and innocence.

The South on the SMC is the place of our Mythologies and Entertainment. Mythology means our story according to our viewing point of what has happened in our life . It is the story of how we survived, how we learned to fit in, belong, and conform to the expectations of our self and/or others. They are stories we have created about who we are, what life is about, what relationships are like, etc. They are formulated by what we are taught by our parents, family, and friends, as well as past memories of our childhood. They tend to be personal feelings about life, self, and others that have their roots in the past.

Entertainment is how we amuse or preoccupy ourselves with the patterns that developed out of how we view life. It is the way we support and play out our mythologies. Although often tainted with pain, these tapes are replayed because we fear that change will make them worse. What I know about my pain game is that while it may hurt, it is very familiar. There is security in that knowing. If I change, I step into something I don’t know. This brings up the most basic of all fear: fear of the unknown.

Examples of dark mythologies which limit and restrict are:

• “I will never amount to anything.”
• “If I succeed, people will get angry with me.”
• “If I let my passion for life show, I will get into trouble.”

Examples of some light mythologies which bring us beauty and joy:

• “When I use discipline, commitment, and follow-through, I can become who I want.”
• “It is only when I stretch for my own excellence that others will get the mirroring of how to succeed.”
• “If I am really going for it in life, I can handle any trouble which might come my way.”

These are stories of growing toward the light, rooted in Grandmother Earth, and full of trust and playfulness. We each have stories. What are the titles of yours?

The South of the Movie Drama Wheel is where we can do Editing or Re-writing of our life’s script. Shakespeare said something like this: all of life is a stage and we are but actors upon it. When we choose to re-write our myth we can become the hero or heroine of our own lives. Think about it: in this day and age we have an absence of real heroes and heroines. Perhaps this is the time for you to become the hero/heroine in your life’s story. It is here in the South that you can edit or re-write the script which you have written for yourself in this lifetime.

The Warrior’s Attributes in the South are Balance and Control. Emotional balance goes back to our discussion in Module #1 of giving with the emotions. You are in emotional balance when you are expressing your emotions clearly, like the free-running waters of a brook. If you hold or dam up your emotions, they throw you out of balance. To have emotional control means we are able to direct the emotions as we choose. If we don’t have balanced emotions, we will not have control and will react instead of being able to direct them as we choose. When we have emotional balance and control, we have an ease in breathing, vitality of health, pleasure in seeking knowledge, and a celebration of our individuality.

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