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By Deer Tribe / In October 21, 2022

The Powers and Manifestations of the Four Directions: Part I – South & West

Within the powers of the four directions is an essence, a give-away, a medicine. It is their self-expression and how they touch life with beauty. The four directions each have such a power.

In the South

The power in the South is trust and innocence. Many of us have a damaged image of what we think trust and innocence is. Often we interpret it as trust and ignorance: in other words, just be stupid about energy and do and be in the universe what anyone wants us to be. Actually, trust is the knowing that there is something greater than we are or than we know. A more sophisticated way of saying the same thing is knowing there is an absolute interconnection and interreliability from one form of one thing to all forms of all things. In the words of the Tao, “when a blade of grass is cut, the entire universe shudders.” Trust is this kind of connectedness. Innocence is standing in the center of your own circle of “power” – simply being who you are. “Inn – o – cence” — to be in your own essence.

The manifestation or language of the South is best understood and manifested through the medium of music. One needs only to listen to a great classical concerto or any music to see how it stirs our emotions and works with our heart energy.

The human aspect in the South is the emotions. It is important to remember that all emotions are valid. To have balanced emotions means “energy in motion,” not to be emotional, or to null the emotions meaning not to feel them at all. When we allow our emotions free movement they have fluidity and flow like water.

In the West

In the West is the power of introspection and intuition. It is this energy of the West which is the place of going within and listening to the wisdom of the body knowing. Intuition is knowing what you know without conscious reasoning. The proper alignment with the four worlds of Grandmother Earth helps you gain the introspection you seek.

The human aspect of the West is the physical body. The body is meant to hold and transform energy, then like the earth it must transform and stabilize itself. The physical body will receive energy from the left side and give away energy through the right side. This is true regardless of gender. The body is a storehouse of energy, storing it until such time as it is needed.

The language of the West is best understood through the medium of magick and alchemy. A dictionary definition of magic is “the act of persons who claim to be able to do things by help of supernatural powers or by their own knowledge of nature’s secrets.” We relate to “magick” from the latter, “knowledge of nature’s secrets,” i.e., the four elements. Alchemy refers to the ingredients, the order and timing necessary to insure that what is intended to be created is created. There is a relationship between magick, alchemy, and the body. When a person steps into doing the alchemy of elemental magick, he/she must have awareness and knowing of the elemental forces of nature and must be in command of their body. They must be receiving and giving the charge in balance.

Let’s look at a common example. How aligned we are with fire enables us to create magic when we build a simple campfire. It is our connection with the alchemy of fire which facilitate this ability. It is our connection with our physical body that allows us to experience the magick of fire. Take a moment to recall a campfire experience and see if this is not so. Recall how you placed the wood, how the spark ignited, how the flames danced and the wood sang. Recall how you were drawn into the fire and into the quiet of introspection.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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