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By Deer Tribe / In March 8, 2023

The Orende Movement Wheel: Part 2

The Orende Laws of Attraction

In Part 1, we looked at the Orende Movement Wheel. In the cardinal directions are the Orende Laws of Attraction (referred to earlier as the Laws of Energy Attraction). They are adhesion, cohesion, repulsion, and change. As humans it is necessary to interact with each other with the orende level we have attained. All of our interactions will follow the orende laws. This occurs whether we are conscious of it or not. The law which becomes operational in a specific interaction depends on the difference or gap between the orendes of the people involved.

Which of the Orende Laws of Attraction we operate within in a given situation depends on the difference between the orendes, or life force energies, of the people involved.

The Orende Law of Repulsion

Let’s start in the South with the orende law of repulsion. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person for whom you had an instant dislike? You didn’t have a history with them nor any reason to dislike them. However, there is something about them which made you feel very uncomfortable. You just wanted to get away. Or have you been in relationship with someone you love, you began to grow and change, and all of a sudden you were uncomfortable in their presence? You just wanted to get away, yet you still loved them. If so, you have experienced the orende law of repulsion. The dictionary says repulsion is the “feeling of aversion, i.e., a feeling of repugnance for something with a desire to avoid it.” We say repulsion means you feel a discomfort from which you want to get away. The energetic cause is an overall energy (orende) difference between the two individuals greater than 2.

Here’s a specific example. You have an overall orende of 4.0, and you are in relationship with someone who has an overall orende of 3.0. Now let’s say you begin on a path of self-growth and development and you change. You gain insights about yourself and begin to break many of the patterns which keep you in pain. Therefore, you are happier, so your orende begins to rise. Your partner stays the same. Let’s say you now have an orende of 5.3. Because there is a difference greater than 2, you and your partner will enter into and experience the law of repulsion energy. In this case, usually the individual with the higher orende will experience an energy drain and the person with the lower orende will experience a sense of neediness and clinging to the other.

It is important to realize that sometimes there is compatibility in some aspects and not in others. I am referring to the five aspects of self: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual. For example: two people may have very similar sexual orendes and thus have a great time during love making, but have very different emotional, mental, and spiritual orendes. Thus they are not really able to get along in these other areas. Looking back at past relationships, had I known about the energy law of repulsion, I would have realized there was something greater happening energetically. I could have saved myself much heartache, guilt, blame and shame. I could have stepped into my next level of teaching without so much drama and pain.

A note of caution here: When we first learn about the orende laws, it is easy to fall into a self-importance trap. We make excuses for an obvious lack within the relationship by saying “Well, I have a higher orende than my partner,” when really what is called for is learning how to communicate with each other or taking responsibility for your needs, wants and desires.

The Orende Law of Adhesion

Next, we look at the North of the wheel called adhesion. The dictionary says adhesion is “the molecular attraction between the surfaces of bodies in contact.” We say that adhesion is kinship. It is when two people have something in common and come together for a predetermined length of time. When people have an energy difference between 1 and 2, they are in the energy law of adhesion.

Let’s go back to our example above. You now have an overall orende level of 5.3 and your partner gets on a path of self-growth and development and begins to raise their orende to 4.0. Now the difference between your orende is between 1 and 2 and you will move into the law of adhesion, come together for some finite length of time, and then change to repulsion or cohesion.

The Orende Law of Cohesion

The East of the wheel is called cohesion. The dictionary says cohesion is “a molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united.” Within relationships we speak of cohesion as a deep commitment with open-hearted communication. When two people have an energy difference of less than 1, they are in the energy law of cohesion: that is, they will come together and stay together until a change in the orende level occurs.

Again let’s stay with our example above. You and your partner are both growing and changing. Your orende level goes to 5.5 and your partner’s level goes to 4.7. You have a difference that falls within the range of less than 1, and so you move into the energy law of cohesion.

If we pay attention to these laws and choose partners whose orende levels are within 2 degrees of ours, then our relationships will have more harmony and balance on all levels.

The Orende Law of Movement and Change

The West of the wheel is called change. This energy law states very simply that change is inevitable. Change will happen! You can resist it, ignore it, or flow with it, but you cannot stop it. Change creates the chaos necessary for people and things to evolve into greater forms.

I remember when I first stepped on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path I had taken a medicine journey with SwiftDeer to the Yucatan. Through the experiences, ceremonies, and teachings I completely changed my outlook on life. I didn’t realize this, however, until I returned home. When I walked into my work station, I realized either I had changed or the place had changed. However, the place looked the same to me. Immediately chaos began to happen. Nothing seemed to work anymore. At that moment, I saw the face of change and the direction change wanted me to go. Within three months I quit my job, sold my home and was headed for California and a new life.

I relate this story to illustrate that, when change happens, we can choose how to deal with it. SwiftDeer says the key to staying in alignment is to change when the “Everything” changes. Nothing in life is static. If you look at a flower opening with the naked eye it doesn’t seem like much happens from one day to the next. Then one day you have a fully open bloom. If you look at this process through time-lapse photography, you can see the bud change many times before it is in bloom.

Here is another example from our previous blog, Balanced Choreography: Emotions. We learned that within a natural balance of choreography humans give with their emotions. A common out-of-balance point is to hold with the emotions. When we say a certain feeling will “never go away,” we are holding with our emotions. We forget the basic orende law that change is inevitable. Change is process in movement. By law all emotion (energy in motion) will change, including the energy we express as emotion change.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 2″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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