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By Deer Tribe / In July 26, 2023

The Star Maidens Circle: The SouthEast

In the Southeast of the Star Maidens Circle (SMC) are the Concepts of Self and World View Model. This direction forms the base of our entire walk around the Wheel of Life. These concepts are formulated as a result of not only this lifetime, but all other lifetimes as well.

The Seven Dark, Light, and Rainbow Arrows sit in the Southeast with our self-concepts and world view model.

When we are in the dark mirrors, we get off balance by seeking our validation for self from outside ourself. In so doing, we give away our power. We operate within the dark mirrors when we pick up a “dark arrow.” We do this every time we rely on others for our identity, whenever we try to gain emotional approval, mental recognition, physical security, and spiritual acceptance from others.

We are in the light mirrors when we are self-reliant and happy within ourselves, regardless of what other’s perception of and reaction to us might be. We are gaining individuality, autonomy, freedom, and free will. When we are in the light mirrors, we pick up a “light arrow.” There are also Rainbow Arrows that carry the energy necessary to transform the dark arrows to the light arrows.

Let’s look at the light, dark, and rainbow arrows. You can pick up light and dark arrows with persons, places, or things. For the Seven Arrow teachings a simple example like the twinkle in someones eye is used for illustrative purposes. Please feel free to create your own examples if this does not work for you.

1. The first dark arrow is the arrow of Attachment. When there is something outside of us that has something we think we don’t have, we attach our energy to it in an attempt to get it. For example, Suzy Q has a beautiful twinkle in her eye. I don’t think I have such a twinkle. I want it, so I will attach myself to Suzy Q to somehow try to get the twinkle and feel worthwhile. To counteract this, I must pick up the light arrow of SelfAwareness, to become aware of all of who I am. With Self-Awareness, I will know the truth: if I didn’t have the twinkle in me, I couldn’t see it in Suzy Q. This is accomplished through the transforming Rainbow Arrow of Gaining Illumination through pleasure and knowledge.

2. The second dark arrow is Dependencies, which are strong wants. They are attachments that dig in their heels. Not only am I attached to Suzy Q’s twinkle, I now depend on it being present and always twinkling so I can continue to feel worthy. The second light arrow is SelfAppreciation. It is finding value inside myself for all I have discovered I am. I can appreciate that both Suzy Q and I have twinkles. They are different and both unique. The Rainbow Arrow which transforms this energy is Gaining Introspection through alignment with the Four Worlds.

3. The third dark arrow is Judgments. These create strong separation energy. We put others down in order to feel okay about ourselves. Anyone else that has or does not have a twinkle in their eye is automatically judged as inferior to Suzy Q (and yourself). The light arrow is SelfAcceptance. Here lies your self-esteem. It is knowing that whatever you do is the best you could do. The twinkle you have in your eye is perfect for who you are. The Rainbow Arrow is to Gain Trust and Innocence by giving away of your beauty to self, life and others without qualifications.

4. The fourth dark arrow is Comparisons. This carries with it strong group identity. You need a support system to validate your judgments and separations. This is self-serving. You begin to gather together all the people who you “judge” to have equal eye-twinkle power (which is of course based on Suzy Q’s eye-twinkle). You may even start a Suzy Q Eye Twinklers Club so that others who have inferior eye-twinkles are kept out. The light arrow here is SelfPleasure. Through accepting yourself, you allow pleasure into your being, loving self for pleasure’s sake. You realize, as you gaze into the mirror at your reflection, the beauty of your own eye-twinkle and allow the feeling of pleasure into your being. The Rainbow Arrow is Gaining Wisdom through alignment with all forms of all things.

5. The fifth dark arrow is Expectations. Here you are caught in the unmet needs of the past or future. Often you are caught in delusions. You now have an expectation that everyone in the Suzy Q’s Eye Twinklers Club must continue to twinkle as they did when they joined. This would enable you to continue to have your needs met. If their twinkle dims, they are winked from the roster. The light arrow is SelfLove. This is self-confidence, knowing that no matter what you do, people will have one of five perceptions of you: they will love, hate, like, dislike, or be neutral toward you. You might as well appreciate and love your own eye-twinkle. Even if it were possible for you to have Suzy Q’s twinkle, people would still perceive you in one of the above ways. The Rainbow Arrow is gained through Full Open Heart-to-Heart Communication.

6. The sixth dark arrow is the Needy Child Syndrome. This is the height of self-indulgence. It is the absolute need for love, recognition, acceptance, security and support from others as a way to define self. This place is like a leaking cup, never full. Here, despite how much attention Suzy Q gives you, it is never enough to fill the vacuum. The light arrow is Self-Actualization. It is your self-respect, doing what you want to do and having fun being successful. You realize you have an exceptional eye-twinkle, you get an agent and begin doing commercials. The Rainbow Arrow is gained by Giving and Receiving in Balance and using it along with your life force energy to materialize what you know.

7. The seventh dark arrow is Ego Self-Importance. Here you are holding all six of the dark arrows. We see lots of this on the planet these days. Everything centers around how important you are. You consider yourself more important than any of the worlds on Grandmother and feel you can use and abuse them because they are lower in importance than yourself. You are caught in self-destructive patterns. Suzy Q becomes an end to your means. You see her only for what she can do to make you more important. The twinkle fades. The light arrow is Impeccability. This means that at any given moment you are doing the best you know how and if you knew a better way, you would use it. You never take yourself or life seriously. The Rainbow Arrow is Gaining Abundance and Prosperity, continuing your self-growth and giving your “medicine” back to the planet.

Overview Chart of the Seven Arrows

This Southeast place on the Movie Drama Wheel is the place of the self, the Screenplay Writer him/herself.

On the Warrior’s Attributes Wheel, our Attitude and Approach toward self, life, and others creates a frame for all of our concepts of self. At each point on the wheel, it is your attitude and approach which determine your choice of action, response, and evolution. Are you part of the solution or the problem? Have you been writing too many tragedies? Do you choose the light mirror dance or are you trapped in the web of darkness? With the proper attitude, you will know how to approach life to write the kind of story you want, whether it be a comedy, romance, or heroic epic.

The Value of the Star Maidens Circle

My experience with the SMC, after placing hundreds and hundreds of problems on it, leads me to say it has never failed to give me insights and multiple viewing points beyond what I imagined possible.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 2: THE MEDICINE WHEEL OF LIFE: THE STAR MAIDENS CIRCLE″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. See Part 1: Introduction here.

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