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By Deer Tribe / In June 7, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series where you will learn the many faces of the tyrants. You will learn about the other tyrants of life like time, situations, space and the environment. You will also learn about the people called “Two-Legged Tyrants” and what their focus is for tyranting you. You will clearly see how you opened the door and let the tyrant in. Best of all, this series teaches you how to stop any tyrant from stealing your life force energy and how to count coup and gain the true teaching for both you and the tyrant.

The Trigger Wheel is the first tool to use to know and thus defeat the tyrants. Your inner self-tyrant is the one that allows the external tyrants to gain impetus and control over your world. These words are called triggers because they are like the trigger on a gun: when it is pulled, it drops the firing pin which strikes the primer and initiates the explosion that sends the bullet to the target. In the following diagram is a wheel of these triggers. When these triggers are touched inside of you, they will immediately put you at the effect of the tyrant.

In our last blog we looked at the South, South-West, West, and Northwest triggers.


When triggered by insecurity you are beset by fear or anxiety. Insecurity is a mental quality and has to do with how you receive energy. Most people go through life very insecure. From this place of insecurity you go outside and can conform to the civil rules and laws to gain mental recognition. You play this most in the arena of education and credentialing. Credentials do not always give you knowledge that works. What matters is whether or not and to what extent you have knowledge that works. The only credentials a warrior needs is how well they can walk their talk.


When you are triggered by depression, your energy becomes stagnant. It is the body’s way of telling you to go inside, to become introspective and check your intuition. Instead, when you get depressed, you begin to close down the centers inside yourself that help you see clearly. Often this can make you despondent and unable to respond to life; this puts us at the effect of the tyrants. When we are depressed, we do not have mental concentration and often feel sad. Stress is a state that induces bodily or mental tension. Stress is often caused when we lose our focus on what is important to us and fall out of relaxation.


Repression puts the lid on and hides things we don’t want to deal with. When the lid comes off your repressed issues, it releases and promotes a feeling of wanting to be spiritually accepted, i.e. saved. If you don’t get spiritual acceptance from outside yourself, you won’t be able to find it. Still in your attempt to find spiritual acceptance you go to your religious and cultural worlds and follow a particular religion.

Next, we make God in our own image. In that process we step into fantasy and illusion and repress our own true nature, our spiritual determination and access to our passion and lust.

Southeast ANGER

When your anger is triggered, you usually find a fear of the unknown that you have an inability to cope with. Anger is the little brother of rage. However, in our society rage is not an acceptable emotion and so anger is often played out instead. Rage occurs when there has been an injustice. Rage will move you to action to correct the injustice. Sometime anger will be the motivation for change when it is energy in motion.

However, so often the anger circulates around in a circle and goes nowhere except to create ill health in people. One of the easiest ways to give your power away to a tyrant is to get angry. At that moment it is point, set and match. The tyrant wins.


We have three expressions here in the center catalyst energy. Since these three triggers sit in the center of the wheel, they will affect and compound every other direction on the wheel.

When you are triggered by guilt, you have taken on the projections of another. You feel responsible for what the other has defined as wrongdoing. You take their definition as reality, lose self-esteem, and explode the energy out away from you defensively. Thunder Strikes called guilt the most useless energy on the planet.

You blame when you find fault with another person. You don’t accept responsibility for what you have drawn into your life. Mostly when you blame others you are putting your own inner guilt onto another person.

Shame is a painful sense of having done something wrong, improper, or immodest. Lack of self­ acceptance will set you up to feel shame. You lose your focus and implode the energy into yourself which creates a lack of self-acceptance loop.

In all three of these expressions you establish your morals and ethics. You destroy your life force the fastest through these morals and ethics and block your energetic field.

Join us in the next blog to find out how to count coup on the tyrant by knowing their game and how they play it.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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