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By Deer Tribe / In January 6, 2022

The World in Which We Live – North

In the Native American world, wheels or circles have been used since the ancient times as tools for teaching the ways of the Universe. Nothing is seen as linear for the idea of a linear existence is considered to be an illusion. There is no “beginning” or “end.” There is simply a change of reference points. 

Learning of the Universe through wheels offers a way to perceive how one form of life is completely interconnected with all other life: flowing, changing, and reaching out to touch all forms of all things with beauty. All the wheels of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path spin and interconnect with one another in this way.

Each of the aspects we are about to explore sit on a wheel. When we look at a single wheel, e.g. the Season Wheel, we have the opportunity to learn about the specific items in each direction: spring in the south, winter in the west, autumn in the north, summer in the east, and the solstices and equinoxes in the center. Understanding one wheel at a time exhibits one level of knowledge. Deeper teachings beckon us as we overlay wheels to investigate the interrelationships of the myriad of aspects that all sit in one direction. It is through the overlays and interrelationships of energy that we can begin to know, honor, and be in harmony with the world in which we live.

We started with the South direction of the wheel & then headed West.

As we move around the wheel, the north direction is next…

In the north direction, you will find the element of wind, the season of spring, the animal world, the stars as the heavenly body, our mind and mental as our human aspect, and the self-expression of wisdom, logic, alignment, harmony, balance, meditation, contemplation, knowledge, harmonic resonance.

The north direction sings of the flexibility of the wind or air, the element of the north. Did you know that trees gain their strength and ability to stand tall under their own weight through bending with the wind?

Autumn, the season in the north, with its winds that tosses us about, tests our flexibility and willingness to surrender to change. As the leaves and flowers die, the winds also scatter their seeds in all directions to lie in fertile ground, ready to come to life at the appropriate time.

The wind also carries sounds, scents, and whisperings from spirit to those who are open to receiving them. In this, the animal world are our greatest teachers as we learn how to receive. Remember those moments when you watched an animal lift its nose to the winds, gathering the necessary information to follow its prey, know where to find water, or flee from its predator. Or maybe, a time when you were feeling sick or sad and your cat or dog sidled up beside you, receiving your energy?

Looking to the heavens, the stars remind us of the abundance of possibilities. Even in the darkest of moments, there is, there are zillions of lights that will guide our journey and help us navigate our path to enlightenment.

Our mind and the myriad of thoughts is similar to the stars. So many possibilities to focus our attention on. Engaging life with an empty cup and open mind provides multiple viewing perspectives, allowing us to receive signs, symbols, information, and energy. From this balanced place, our self-expression is wisdom, logic, alignment, harmony, balance, meditation, contemplation, knowledge, and harmonic resonance.

Our gift from the universe when we are balanced in our mental aspect is humor. The ability to smile at our circumstance, laugh at our own folly, and to be guided by the joy in our hearts.

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