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By Deer Tribe / In August 18, 2022

What Wheels Tell Us – Part II

Let us further overlay these wheels and say that the colors (see Figure 5) which vibrate with these directions are as follows: the South is known by the color red, the West by the color black, the North by the color white, the East by the color yellow, and the Center by the color purple.

We can expand this four wheel out further. We all know the four seasons and how they affect our life-style: spring, summer, fall and winter (see Figure 6). They too have a place on the wheel.

Spring, which sings to us about the rejuvenation of the water as it flows in the streams and reawakens life out of its winter dream, sits in the South. So we know that spring teaches us about fluidity. (Ask any allergy post nasal drip survivor about this!)

Summer sings to us about the fire and its heat, its full out expansion of life’s vibrancy and joy. Therefore, it sits in the East.

The fall sings with the wind that tosses us about to test our flexibility and willingness to surrender to change as the seeds ride on the wind to their new destination. Fall sits in the North.

And the winter sings with the earth as it calls us into itself, for a time of introspection and death. Even the movement of sap in the trees begins to slow down. Winter sits in the West.

Remember we said there are always a minimum of five places on a wheel. Solstices and Equinoxes sit in the Center. These are the power times for the seasons and act as a catalyst and communicator between the seasonal changes.

When the teachings get very complicated, remember every one of them can be taken back to its basic form and correlated with the five elements. As your connection to self, life, and others grows, so will your knowledge of the elements which can be seen outside of you, but also reside inside you. Your ability to connect to the elements of water, earth, wind, and fire depends on your ability to find them inside you. The healing of our grandmother—Earth—is waiting for us to remember this connection. When no longer separate and disconnected, we will know that what is outside mirrors what is inside and we will stop hurting Her and ourselves.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. Read Part I here

Embark on a journey through knowledge, alchemy, and ceremony with the full course of studies here.


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