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By Deer Tribe / In October 12, 2023

The Five Attentions and Elemental Minds

The teachings on the Five Minds and Five Attentions are based on the premise that our body is within our mind (see Figure 14). This means we have a physiological brain, which coordinates our body functions, but it is the mind outside the brain which brings us a greater thinking capacity. It takes us within and beyond all time, space, and dimensional realities.

In the South is First Attention and the Water Mind. This refers to our Conscious Mind and operates within time, thus allowing us to define self within a given space. It is the part of our mind we are aware of. Within this first attention, our brain signals a Beta Brain Wave pattern and we process our perceptions through our five Senses. Water Mind is primarily the function of our Substance Shields experiencing the development of the first and second dimensions, and creating the third dimension. That is, we focus on substance in order to create and remain within form. (Module #4 includes an in-depth teaching on the Substance Shields.) Our third dimension is this planet with human life, the place we know as reality, as home. It is defined by natural law. We use this Mind and Attention in everyday life, while we are driving a car or cooking. This Attention is also our inner dialogue. It gets distracted very easily.

In the North is Second Attention and the Wind Mind. This refers to our Subconscious Mind, which manifests as intermittent Beta and Alpha Brain Wave patterns. This is the mind that works below the surface. This Mind is capable of deciphering movement and changing time, thereby allowing us to see more of the unknown and let go of more of the limitations of self within space. Thus the 4th dimension (the Bardos or Crack Between the Worlds) is entered. This is the world of paradox, of shadow and the absorption of light. The 4th dimension holds the projections of the dark side of our substance shield. These projections create the shadow, dark side energies that ultimately feed evil.

Often when you are doing something in First Attention, like driving a car, your Second Attention is thinking about a meeting or doing something else besides driving a car. Or sometimes when you are thinking about a meeting with your Conscious Mind, your Second Attention is driving the car. This attention assimilates data at a fast rate, and is therefore the best way to study Wheels and Keys.

In the West are Second and Third Attentions and the Earth Mind. This refers to the Unconscious Mind, manifests as Theta to Delta Brain Wave patterns, and occurs most notably during dream time. Time is created within the space of the dreamscape. The dreamer controls the dream. The major focus of 3rd Attention is the body’s self-healing or homeostasis. It also allows us to gain access to the unknown. The Earth Mind begins to operate in 2nd Attention and kicks us into 3rd Attention. It gives us access to the 5th dimension, the gateway to timelessness. The movie Field of Dreams exemplifies this beautifully.

Once on a Medicine Journey in Palenque, our assignment was to dream our way through the temples. In one of the temples, I looked down at my hands and feet and could see wrist and feet bracelets from that Mayan time period. Here fear does not exist and there is an intense focus of will. You must hold your center very well to stay at 3rd level Attention.

In the East are Third and Fourth Attentions and the Fire Mind. This refers to the Collective Conscious and manifests as intermittent Delta to Gamma Brain Wave patterns. Moving from 3rd Attention into 4th Attention, we have the ability to access the 6th dimension. The Fire Mind is the source of all creations. It is where the Great Spirit creates itself. Thus, via the Fire Mind, we are able to control our Evolutionary States of Development, which you learned about in this section. You might say the purpose of the Fire Mind and the 4th Attention is to extend all pleasure and to stretch the imagination. This Attention is pure alignment with all that is around us. This is the world of chaos. Within this Attention, we can catch minimal chance and perfect our timing when changing our patterns. Moving into this Attention is usually a peak spiritual experience.

In the Center are Fourth and Fifth Attentions and the Void Mind. This encompasses both the Collective Unconsciousness and Universal Consciousness and manifests as Gamma to Lambda Brain Wave patterns. Collective Unconsciousness utilizes full 4th Attention and operates outside of time. Universal Consciousness places one in timelessness and utilizes the 5th Attention. This occurs in the 7th dimension, the place of the Great Spirit’s free will. From this space, we design and re-design how to “dance our dream awake.”

With a high enough Orende (energy), you can access these Attentions and Minds at will, thereby opening the door to other time, space, and dimensional realities.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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