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By Deer Tribe / In September 30, 2022

The Spirit World

Remember we said wherever you have four, you also have five.

So with the four Worlds is the fifth World: In the center of all Worlds is the World of Spirit, the catalyzer of all energy (learn about all Four Worlds here). All forms of life have “spirit” (manitou): they have life force energy, which we call the catalyst, pulsing through their form.

The languaging to distinguish the forms of this world is that of the Cherokee Nation. The naming of spirit may vary, but its essence remains always present and is known by all earth cultures.

In the South are the Tolilahqui. (See Figure 12.) These are the “little people” who, legend tells us, came first to the Earth to prepare it for human habitation. Their special gift is that of happiness and humor. They are the ones who show us the mischievousness in nature and continue to bring laughter and beauty wherever they travel. They are the water spirits, gnomes, leprechauns, elves, and elementals, just to name a few.

In the West are the Toushilahey. These refer to all of our spirit personalities from past and future lifetimes, including the current spirit personality you are now.

In the North are the Tungashilah. These are all of our blood relations (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc..) from all lifetimes.

In the East are the Omitakoyas, all our awakened selves and Omitakoyasin, the entire family of humanity since always and for always. It is the great gathering together circles of all humanity.

SwiftDeer speaks in this way about Omitakoyas: All humans are, have been or will be my relatives. If I see another as an enemy, I only do so because I do not really see who he/ she is!

In the Center are the Akalohtah-hey, the Enlightened Masters. They are the ones who have achieved full enlightenment while in physical form as a human. They are now in formlessness or have the freedom of choice in form. They continue to teach us from the greater realms and their mandate (in the words of Jesus Christ) is that we must do even greater works than they have done! These enlightened teachers have walked the path towards enlightenment before us and so teach us to do the same. They include archetypes such as Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, and Christ, as well as gods and goddess such as Diana the Hunt, Artemis, Venus, Odin, Thor, and Mercury.

It is the great challenge of this decade to re-align with the worlds of Grandmother Earth, to honor and respect them for their being-ness, their uniqueness. When we understand the gifts each world has to give we can see the lunacy of destroying any one of these worlds at the expense of the others.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 1″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror.


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