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By Deer Tribe / In October 12, 2023

The Development of Maturity As a Soul

We follow the evolution of the soul through five spirals, each representing different stages of growth and enlightenment across multiple lifetimes. These stages occur simultaneously across dimensions and spaces, leading to an increase in the soul’s energy and wisdom as it progresses. The image of seeds growing into trees and universes forming orchards helps illustrate the concept of soul development and expansion. The stages below are a continuation of the Development of the Soul’s E-Motion spirals.

We are only able to address the development of maturity as a soul within the first spiral, within one dream. (See Figure 13 below.) As I discuss these stages, overlay them with the Five Stages of the Soul’s E-Motions. In our apple tree analogy, all of the souls are trees. For example, the Child Soul is a Child Tree, etc.

In the South, the Child Soul enters as an unbalanced two-legged animal to learn survival adaptability and strives to become a balanced 4. This soul is reaching for human form. The Elders say we will experience a minimum of 9 lifetimes as an unbalanced 4.

For more information on the unbalanced 4 on this planet, read a book called American Genesis. It states that 750,000,000 years ago in a civilized society of Homo Sapiens Erectus, Peking man existed before the Australo Pithecus Africanus in Africa. The first known existing human has been discovered in the United States, specifically in North Carolina. It is called Australo Pithecus Afarensis, and predates the others by three hundred thousand years. It shows a connection between the Oriental, the Mongol, and the American Indian. This discovery changed thirty years of anthropological thinking and placed the oldest human on the North American continent. This discovery brought the theory of the oldest homo sapien on the planet into alignment with the views of the Twisted Hairs.

In the West is the Young Soul. It is a balanced 4 capable of social and tribal structuring. As these souls evolve to become unbalanced 5’s, they experience restlessness and erase or destroy existing structures in order to strive towards becoming truly human. The Elders say you will experience a minimum of 9 lifetimes as a balanced 4.

In the North, the Adult Soul is an unbalanced 5 and engages in the development of industry and technology. The attitude “more equals better” is present. Again, a minimum of 9 lifetimes will be experienced as an unbalanced 5.

In the East, the Old Soul recognizes the folly of such imbalances and attains balance as a balanced 5, i.e., a human. These are capable of heart-to-heart communication as true humans. Yet they reach for even greater potential and awareness. You experience a minimum of 9 lifetimes as a balanced 5.

In the Center is the Mature Soul which, having glimpsed the light a minimum of 9 lifetimes, knows and achieves enlightenment as a balanced 6. They become the Hokkshidehs and Bodhisattvas. You experience a minimum of 9 lifetimes as a balanced 6.

Notice, you spend a minimum of 9 lifetimes each as an unbalanced 4, balanced 4, unbalanced 5, balanced 5, and balanced 6. This equals 45 lifetimes, which are happening on twelve planets. Most people will take only nine spirals to evolve, but because of complications within karmic patterns, you could have 45 lifetimes as an unbalanced 4 before you get it. Some might do two or three sets of 45 lifetimes at any of the levels before they learn the lessons. Even Jesus working at the orende of 10 and knowing what he did had at least 45 lifetimes of his soul’s development.

When you understand that all of this is happening at the same time, you realize that somewhere, somehow, you have 9 lifetimes which are functioning in an enlightened state. SwiftDeer says that when he heard this he asked Grandfather Two Bears how he would know which lifetime was the one that became enlightened. Grandfather replied, “Act like it is this one, and make it an act of controlled folly to be so.”

Let’s suppose that this is THE one, the lifetime for us to evolve into our fullest potential. The following teachings on the Five Attentions and Five Minds indicate that we have all that it takes to achieve this potential. This component of our Flowering Tree gives us a glimpse into the greatness of the human mind.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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