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By Deer Tribe / In October 5, 2023

Five Stages of the Soul’s E-Motions

The soul evolves over multiple lifetimes through five evolutionary spirals, each encapsulated within one’s luminosity and spirit personality. These stages of development occur simultaneously across different dimensions and spaces. As the soul grows and matures, its orende (energy) increases, attracting more knowledge and making one a receptacle for greater wisdom. NOTE: The fourth stage, in the East of the Five Evolutionary States Overview Wheel, is the development and movement of our Soul’s Energy Motion. (See Figure 12.) This also occurs in the nagual, in the 7th dimension.

The first spiral is in the South and contains 45 “dances,” or lifetimes, which equal 1 dream. The Elders say that these lifetimes are all happening simultaneously. We commonly think of one lifetime as one Book of Life. (A Book of Life is a record of the balance of karma and dharma in any particular lifetime.) On another level, 45 lifetimes is one dream and one Book of Life. When you put them all together, you have what is called the Akashic Records. As we expand our understanding, this is happening not just on Grandmother Earth, but also on twelve planets. Look how infinite this is. This particular lifetime is a tear drop in the ocean. That is why shamans are taught not to concentrate on this lifetime or take it seriously.

In our apple analogy, the 45 dances are all seeds, and the dream is one tree.

In the West is the second spiral. Forty-five dreams equal one world. The Elders say the average soul will experience 2,025 (45 x 45) lifetimes to understand the mystery of one planet. That means the average soul will spend 2,025 lifetimes here on Grandmother Earth in the emotional child’s pain game before it gains enough orende and knowledge to dream on another planet consciously awake. When do you make up your mind this is the last one you want to dream here, and go on to play on one of the other worlds? SwiftDeer admits that this is a theory of the SunDance teachings and he does not know if it is true or not, since he has not experienced it.

However, regarding the heaven and hell story, he says, “There are thousands of documented cases of reincarnation and not one of heaven or hell.”

Keeping with the apple analogy, the 45 dreams are like one seed that drops and becomes a tree that will produce other trees. This tree becomes a world or universe unto itself.

In the North is the third spiral. Twelve worlds equal one universe. These twelve worlds are the twelve planets with life on them that we learned about earlier. These twelve planets equal one universe. Our apple analogy goes like this: the twelve planets are like twelve apple trees and the one universe is an orchard.

In the East and Center, one must multiply it out to come to an understanding of this reality. It is an arena of experience in which four universes equal one cosmic reality. And four cosmic realities equals one black hole. The term cosmic reality is undefinable. By the time you have reached this spiral, you have lived 388,800 lifetimes. Think of all of the apple orchards in the world. It is staggering at best to contemplate.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series A: Module 3: The Human Flowering Tree: The Luminous Egg Cocoon (Part 1 of 2) ″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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