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By Deer Tribe / In March 8, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series.

We continue to look at our own biggest tyrant and one of the major contributors to our molding, sculpting and armoring the five aspects of self.

We are going to overlay three wheels and discuss them in relation to your inner tyrant. The first in each direction is the Human Aspect, the second is the Warrior’s Attribute, and the third is the Balanced Choreography. We looked at the South, West and North, now lets look at East & Center.


In the east is the element of fire and our spirit. The east speaks of our speed of self-growth and development. For us this is an ever-expanding activity in which we must act as determiners. We must be determined to live our lives with passion and lust, living each day to its fullest potential. In this way we will gain speed in our growth and development, continually enriching our spirit and moving closer to enlightenment.

When you are not determining with your spirit, but perhaps receiving with it, all kinds of things go out of balance. On one level this is the place of the religious zealots and people who do terrible things and claim that “God told them to do it”. More simply, it is when you take in what spirit tells you, but you do not actualize your passions or your vision. In fact, you take what spirit tells you and create blocks and limitations in your life.

When tyranted you will retard your spiritual growth, vision and creativity. In other words, you will get so distracted by the tyrant, that you will not be able to actualize your spiritual growth. Remember lack of imagination armors the body.


In the center is the element of the void and our soul force, our sexuality. It is the catalyst energy that makes everything around the wheel work. This is our life force energy and we must be using it as a catalyst and prime mover. If we are not doing this, the other elements and aspects usually fall out of balance.

Because of the armoring in our Genital Sense of Self, we will be most vulnerable when we are tyranted and our life force energy will dwindle away. This energy choreography gets mixed up as well when we allow ourselves to be the victim/prey at the effect of the tyrant/predator.

We begin to get the picture that we are our own worst enemy where tyrants are concerned. We can and often do tyrant ourselves by not keeping our energy flow in balance. We actually are at the effect of our own inner emotions, physical body, mind, spirit and sexuality. Not only that, but we build a complete identity around our out-of-balance internal aspects.

Next, we will look at the external image makers that shape our world.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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