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By Deer Tribe / In March 1, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series.

We continue to look at our own biggest tyrant and one of the major contributors to our molding, sculpting and armoring – the five aspects of self.

We are going to overlay three wheels and discuss them in relation to your inner tyrant. The first in each direction is the Human Aspect, the second is the Warrior’s Attribute, and the third is the Balanced Choreography. We looked at the South direction in the last blog, now lets take a look at West and North.


In the west is the element of earth and your physical body. The west speaks of strength, stamina and stability. For a human to have power and strength, they must be able to hold energy with their physical body. This is not as in holding onto, but very much as an electrical impulse moves through a conduit. Or like the battery in an automobile that holds the energy and then transforms it when the car needs it to run. The body is made for holding and transforming. Look what happens in the body when you eat an apple. The body breaks down or transforms the apple into usable energy and holds or stores it until it is needed.

When you give with your physical body, the body loses energy and eventually succumbs to sickness and illness. Often these manifests as workaholism. When tyranted, our physical body often accumulates stress and we will lose power, strength and health. For example, if you have opened the door to a person that is always on your case insinuating that you are not doing something good enough, you might begin to give with your physical body always trying to do it better and lose power and strength in the process.


In the north is the element of wind and the mind. The north speaks of coordination and intent which is a function of receiving with the mind. The body is inside the mind. This does not refer to the brain, which is only a receiver and transmitter station, but the greater mind in the 10th Chakra. The body is within the mind and we must receive with the mind in order to coordinate all the information needed to stay in alignment with our intent.

When you are doing something other than receiving with the mind, let’s say determining, you will become willful and try to make things happen which are out of natural sequence or alignment. This causes you to act compulsively or rashly. For example, I am going to do a study on teenage pregnancy and before I have gathered all the information and knowledge on the matter that I can, I propose conclusions according to what I think they are or should be.

When tyranted, if you are not receiving with the mind correctly, you will narrow your viewing point and become inflexible. You lose your ability to coordinate what you know and maintain your intent, which is to stop the tyrant and let their behavior be like water off a duck’s back.

Join us next blog for the next directions: East & Center

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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