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By Deer Tribe / In March 29, 2024


Part of our Tyrants blog series.

The external image makers, including parents and teachers, shape our core personality and lead us to conform for survival. This molding creates a mask of self-pity, concealing our true nature and leading to a life of conformity and unfulfillment. Breaking free from this mask is crucial to discovering our enlightened, true selves. Last post we discovered the South.


Economic Image Makers:

These image makers sit west and are the bankers and our bosses as well as the economic class you were born into. These image makers impact your material world, including your wealth. Their influence is expressed through rules and laws. For example, those who have the economic means have much more freedom to bypass or “buy past” the rules and laws. The economic image makers use rules and laws to set limitations that affect your physical environment. For example, setting interest rates can affect whether you can buy a house. Or, the “powers that be” that create the “glass ceiling” of limited opportunity for women, especially in the corporate world. If you are at the effect and experience these image makers as tyrants, your attitude and approach to life will also be affected.


There are two sets of image makers here. One is in the north of the wheel and they are the social image makers. The other is in the north of center and they are the political image makers.

Social Image Makers:

The social image makers are your peer group and the class structure you were born into. These are the image makers that apply peer pressure. They mold, sculpt and armor your mental ability. Think about the tremendous emphasis put on achieving academically and the competition that occurs among youngsters. They influence your perceptions of reality, your opinions, beliefs and philosophy. Peer pressure demands that you wear Nike’s or Gap jeans, or pierce your ears to be accepted within the peer group. Media’s message is success depends on looking good, making lots of money or being part of the “in-crowd”. If you look at the peer image makers today for children some of it is frightening. For example, the child who moves into selling drugs has a tremendous influence on the reality of other children. It has also affected and shaped their meaning and purpose in life. These image makers influence your day-to-day existence, your survival ability and what you focus your attention on. A 10-year-old in Afghanistan better be able to carry a gun. Out of these sculpting processes emerge our philosophies and belief systems. The value we place on life or not. They affect our economic and material gain. Your home and neighborhood sit here on the wheel. Your physical health, power and strength can be affected. Social image makers will help you produce illusions or a sacred vision. They influence how fast you grow and develop your creativity into actualization.

Political Image Makers:

These image makers are those you elect into office as well as the political system within which you grow. There is much said today about the government legislating activity in our bedrooms and our sexual relationship choices. They influence your meaning and purpose in life and determine your choreography and what your priorities will be. For example, people living in an oppressed country with a dictator will have different realities about personal freedom then those who live in a “free” country. In our life’s experience, these image makers will dictate what is acceptable. It is known in today’s jargon as “Politically correct thought and actions”.

Excerpted from “A Course of Study, Series B: Module 2: The Tyrants of Life″, written by Mary Flaming Crystal Mirror. 

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